Meet Ashley

I'm a bit of a history-fanatic, so here's some of mine to get to know me a bit better: 


I picked up my first camera in middle-school, and promptly dropped it in the middle of the street. I've grown quite a bit since then, and have invested in a decent camera strap. After that fiasco, I began to develop a deep love for creating art - from performing in dance recitals to the "artsy" Instagram filters from 2013.

After college, I got more serious about my passion and invested in my photography education - taking courses, pursuing mentorship opportunities, and doing a lot of free sessions.

What's going on now?

I've since launched this wedding + lifestyle photography business, and have found a deep passion for telling stories through our time together.

I'm also married to my best friend, Kyle, and we share a Shih Tzu we found in the middle of the road named Jay (short for jay-walking).

When I'm not working, I enjoy lounging in my bed way longer than necessary, blasting Taylor Swift on roadtrips, hosting movie nights, hiking/location scouting (love those outdoor sessions), and booping Jay's  nose.

What is it like to shoot with me?

Lots of story-telling, laughter, cuddles, and me absolutely fan-girling over your photos.


I help you prep ahead of time - from assisting with wedding planning to sending out session guides - I'll be with you each step of they way.


I'm also an Enneagram 6, and very into feeling prepared, so emergency "session" kits with first aid supplies, safety pins, and Tide-to-Go comes with me to every session.

I want to get connected with you!


Social media got you - I post pretty often on Facebook and Instagram

If you want to learn more about booking with me, you can head to my Contact Page.

I can't wait to meet you!