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Creek Fire Resources

Updated: Feb 11

Photo by Josh Edelsen.
Photo by Josh Edelsen.

I originally created a list of resources on Instagram, and asked for people to share more with meand they did. After filling my post and clogging my stories, I realized I could compile everything and continuously update a blog post.

Those Accepting In-Kind/Cash/Gift Card Donations

  • Better Period (personal hygiene supplies)

  • Fresno City College Club NAISA (water, food, toiletries, kids activities)

  • Valley Animal Center (animal crates, disinfectant, cardboard--must be new)

  • Friant/Fort Washington Starbucks (water, essentials, supplies)

  • The Little Gym of Fresno (water, toiletries, diapers, formula, wipes, kids flip flops)

  • Clovis Rodeo Grounds (buckets, rakes, pen cleaners, hay hooks)

  • Oh La La (water, food, toiletries)

  • Collect Coffee (non-perishable food and drinks)

  • Clovis Hills Community Church (diapers, non-perishables, toiletries, socks, unopened toys) **Temporary hold on accepting donations as they need volunteers to help sort

  • WAMS Community of Caring (water, toiletries, non-perishables, new/gently used clothing)

  • Northwest Church (food, clothing, toiletries)

  • Cross City Fresno (gift cards)

  • Red Cross Central CA (clothes, shoes, books, blankets, pillows)

  • Joe's Steakhouse (water, gatorade, fresh fruits)

  • Willow Creek Healthcare Center (water, gatorade, snacks, diapers, toilet paper, baby food)

  • Clovis West High School (water, non-perishables, bottles, clothing, blankets, masks, pet food)

Those Needing Cash or Gift Card Donations ONLY

  • Fresno Acura

  • Pinc Fresno

  • @Fresyasss on Instagram

  • Community Food Bank

  • Red Cross Central CA

  • Shaver Lake Visitor's Bureau

  • Central CA Animal Disaster Team

  • The Well Community Church

GoFundMes to Support Those Who Have Lost Homes

Mental Health Resources (Pro-Bono/Free)

  • Fonda Hart, LMFT (559-801-1430) Specializes in trauma and attachment issues. Comfortable working with foster/adoptive families. Works with children, adults, and teens and provides EMDR.

  • Beth Nelson, LPCC - Visalia Psychological Services (559-906-8944) Specializes in grief and loss. Weekend availability and can drive to evacuation sites if needed.

  • Daniel P. Blair (559-530-0294) Room for one couple/family/individual for 5 sessions pro-bono. Specializes in trauma and couples therapy.

  • Gidai Maaza, LMFT (559-779-4201) Pro-bono slots available and open for other clients as well.

  • Tanja Fridolfs (www.tamjafridolfs.com) One pro-bono slot available

  • Michelle Donaldson, LMFT (559-871-2683) One pro-bono slot available and tele-health availability

  • Ana Soto Grant (anasotolcsw@gmail.com) One pro-bono slot availability.

  • Nicole Eckhardt (559-871-2683) One pro-bono slot available and tele-health availability

Mental Health Resources (Reduced Fees/Sliding Scales)

Mental Health Resources Out of Area Offering Telehealth

  • Nicole Eckhardt (559-871-2683) One pro-bono slot available and tele-health availability

  • Athina Danilo, MS AMFT (https://www.athinadanilo.com) Reduced rate tele-health

  • Roxana Alas, Clinical Social Worker 951-396-4869 Reduced rate tele-health available (English/Spanish speaking)

  • Tricia Woodward (949-683-9846)

  • Roxana Alas, Clinical Social Worker 951-396-4869 Reduced rate tele-health available (English/Spanish speaking)

  • Barbara Pannoni (408-373-8611) Brainspotting

  • Jennifer Twardowski (925-326-7974) Pro-bono services available (Brainspotting)

  • Laura Goldstein (310-226-8440) Reduced rate services available

  • Jessica Michelle (707-285-7523)

  • Elba Alvarado, AMFT (626-600-1886/elbamft@gmail.com ) English/Spanish speaking services available

  • Rebecca Arevalo, LMFT (www.rebeccaArevaloMFT.com) R-Tep EMDR certified/pro-bono spots available for Creek Fire

  • Randi Goodman (818-312-7107) Low cost services available

  • Shane’ Teran (www.officialspcounsultinggroup.com)

  • Jay Grey (www.kamaliicounselingcenter.org)

  • Linda Huey, LMFT (619-906-9496/lindahueylmft@gmail.com) English/Spanish speaking services available

  • Natalie Reynaga (909-366-9343/nataliereynaga@balancedmindcounseling.org)

Local Support Groups

Fresno Family Counseling Center will be hosting pro-bono support groups for families and first responders affected by the fires. Please have families call 559.229.3085 or the remote number 559.666.3292 should they want to enroll. Services will be provided via video (Tele-health)

  • English groups: Mondays 9am-11am and 5:30pm-7:30pm Wednesdays 9am-11am, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm

El Fresno Family Counseling Center proporcionara servicios de grupos de apoyo gratuitos para familias y socorristas afectados por los incendios. Pida a las familias que llamen al 559.229.3085 o al número remoto 559.666.3292 si desean inscribirse. Los servicios se brindarán por video (telesalud). Grupos de español: Miércoles de 10am-12pm y de 12pm-2pm. Grupos de inglés: Lunes 9-11am Miercoles de 9-11am y 3pm-5pm. Fresno Family Counseling Center continúa comprometido a ayudar a nuestra comunidad en todo lo que podamos. Gracias fresnostate.edu/ffcc

  • Spanish groups: Wednesdays from 10-12pm and 12-2pm

Red Cross of California: www.redcross.org

Give an Hour: https://giveanhour.org/get-help/

  • As our nation faces devastating natural disasters and tragedies such as mass shootings or bombings, there is a critical need to provide help and hope to those who are suffering. Below is a list of the events and disasters for which Give an Hour® is offering services to help those affected – including our first responders who often absorb a tremendous amount of pain and stress as they attend to the needs of others. Our network of nearly 4,500 mental health care providers is activated to assess and provide support for those who have experienced these events. If you have difficulty connecting with a provider in our network or need further assistance, please contact us at info@giveanhour.org.

Those Providing Shelter for People

  • Clovis North High School/Red Cross Central CA (hotel vouchers and temporary shelter at Clovis North High School)

  • Mariposa Fairgrounds (5007 Fairgrounds Rd, Mariposa, CA 95338)

Those Providing Shelter for Animals

  • Granite Ridge Intermediate (small animals)

  • Clovis Rodeo Grounds (large animals)

  • Valley Animal Center (small animals)

  • Fresno Fair Grounds (large animals)

  • Fresno Humane Animal Services (small animals)

  • McLaughlin Parrot Rescue (evacuating birds) Carrie at (559) 382-3458

  • Copperwood Stables Jeannette (559) 304-6949

  • Double S Horse Ranch Alex at (559) 392-0080

  • Urrieta Ranch Scott at (559) 392-0080

  • Wonder Valley Ranch Scott at (559) 787-2551 (horses)

  • Fresno and Madera County Animal Shelters

  • Abby Pet Hospital (cats & dogs)

  • Verde View Farms (horses) Kathy Pettit (559) 903-0707 or Andrea Ramm (615) 713-7830

  • Clovis East Agricultural Center (large animals) 

Those Providing Services

  • @salamander.tea.art on Instagram (providing free drawings of homes to those who have lost theirs)

  • Loma Vista Community Church (temporary storage for RVs, trailers, cars, items, etc.)

  • Redeemer's Church in Reedley (parking space for RVs/trailers on campus, willing to assist with other needs)

  • Mountain View Church and Clovis Christian Church (temporary storage for RVs, trailers, cars, etc.)

  • Wonder Valley Ranch (hotel rooms for evacuees, RV/trailer parking, and room for horses) Scott at (559) 787-2551

  • Blue Shield (if in a zip code affected by the fires, prescriptions can be filled immediately even if they aren't due, lost insurance cards printed from their website, broken glasses replaced, etc.)

  • Reading Heart (32 ft truck & trailer that can be loaded)

  • The Well Community Church (offering gift cards + kids activity bags)

  • Sudz Laundromat in Fresno will be washing clothing from those evacuated and first responders for free

Those Needing Volunteers

  • Central CA Animal Disaster Team needs dog walkers and those willing to help take care of animals (Clovis North High School)

  • Clovis Hills Community Church donation intake & sorting

  • Double S Horse Ranch needs volunteers to help with animals

The following places have Facebook Groups posting live updates & resources:

Individuals Available to Help

  • Steve (559) 909-1035 F-350 can haul 5th wheel or bumper pulls

  • Danyelle (559) 458-9814 Can haul livestock has 18ft stock trailer

  • Vic (559) 799-3933 Diesel truck that can haul

  • Maribeth (559) 388-4192 4wd King cab (no hitch) haul pets and people

  • Amanda (559) 244-9687 2 trucks available to haul also has own trailers

  • Cat (559) 644-2984 2 seater, 5 seater and 8 seater available to haul people

  • Nicole (559) 287-9136 6 horse trailer for hauling

  • Devin (559) 977-8372 Ford excursion available for towing hauling people

  • Mandi (559) 375-8949 Can take small and large livestock, 2 horse trailer ready to go

  • Cameron (559) 854-2147 Can transport livestock truck NO trailer

  • Ricardo (559) 349-8165 Large dump trailer, can pull bumper and goosenecks

  • Rich (209) 704-7101 Dodge 2500 available for hauling, 20 ft trailer also available

  • Ryan (559) 765-9002 F-150 super crew available for hauling

  • Chris (559) 826-8483 Can intake several horses

  • Justine (559) 313-3197 2 small pens for goat pigs or sheep one has chicken coop, 2 horse slant available as well as truck

  • Kim (831) 334-5466 14ft livestock trailer available

  • Lois (915) 760-7191 2 horse slant, bumper pull available to haul

  • Richard (309) 986-4072 Can haul and pull almost any trailer, emergency response experience several trailer hook ups available

  • Joshua (559) 312-4689 4wd F-250 and 18ft flatbed available, can haul any trailer

  • Bill (559) 270-4004 2 horse trailer, manpower 5 acres fenced land

  • Mike (559) 972-3796 Available to take in up to 10 horses and feed them temporarily

  • Jon Cook (559) 647-9133 Ram 1500 w/diesel, available to move/haul/transport people

  • Amber (559) 593 - 0547 Hauling animals

  • Kristyn (559) 906-2803 Hauling animals

  • Michelle (559) 281-1778 Hauling animals

  • Vinca (559) 288-5956 Hauling animals

  • James (559) 779-1786 Hauling animals

  • Blake (831) 747-5037 Hauling animals

  • Sue (559) 472-6246 Hauling animals

  • Bethany (559) 513-9471 Jeep willing to pack up and help remove brush

  • Walker (317) 965-7241 Transport and towing assistance (2019 4 Runner w/ standard bail hitch)

  • Jordan (559) 417-7753 Truck to tow

  • Ricardo (559) 349-8165 Chevy 250 w/ bumper pull capabilities/can deliver and help with evacuations

  • Brian (559) 288-5646 3/4 ton diesel w/ gooseneck and 5th wheel hauling ability

  • Spencer (559) 554-6363 4 door custom 18 ft stock trailer willing to pull animals

  • Landon (559) 930-9898 Willing to move livestock

  • Briana (925) 858-5173 Available for evacuation help, crew cab and trailer available

  • Ken (559) 994-8966 Truck and open-air trailer 61/2 x 12 (help evacuating)

  • Sarah & Garrett Petty (559) 375-6741 Flat land near Sanger for RVs, trailers, vehicles, etc.

  • Wally Noyola (559) 908-2119 F250 4x4 w/ a flatbed trailer available for evacuation help Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday 

  • Natalie (559) 706-9266 Space for livestock (2 fenced corrals and an additional fenced area for smaller animals), space to store vehicles, RVs, boats, trailers, cars, etc.

  • JoAnn Rodriguez (559) 650-3225 (weekdays before 4:30pm) (or 559) 994-3108 (after 4:30pm on weekdays and on weekends) Trailer available for a family of 4 to temporarily shelter in

Businesses Supporting Those Impacted

  • Fresno Street Coffee

  • Fresno Street Eats

This list has been put together with resources from a variety of individuals and organizations, including: uSpark Valley, @norx_in_the_know on Instagram, RPM Public Relations, the Creek Fire Community Support Facebook Page, Caitlin Lowry (Tailwinds Therapy), Amanda Stevens, West Coast Fire, and numerous friends who have sent along resources.

If you have any updates, PLEASE COMMENT OR MESSAGE ME. Seriously, this list change quite a bit and I need a lot of help with that.

**Jenna has created a post with additional resources regarding emergency alerts, sheltering, fire maps, and more: http://jennasworkshop.com/index.php/fire/?fbclid=IwAR3QTx-pS9RQTdcIzmF3WHxltpcbxn6R4D5FnC1V5O0tTu2pk4bZ8B2ducI

**Mental Health Resources generated by Caitlin Lowry, LMFT (Tailwinds Therapy)