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Haley & Marcus' Maternity Session | San Simeon, CA

Updated: Feb 11

Haley and Marcus' maternity session was very close to my heart.

I've known Haley and Marcus for years--even before they were dating. We were all Mission Care Residents over at Care Fresno, where we put on after-school programs for youth located in high crime, low income neighborhoods. I saw their passion for serving the Lord intersect with their values of community, building relationships, and loving their neighbors. I couldn't think of a couple better suited for one another.

Haley & Marcus decided on my absolute favorite beach in California for their maternity session: San Simeon. It's not hard to see why--San Simeon has all the best parts about California beaches: beautiful shoreline, stunning cliffside, and adventurous hiking grounds with hardly any people!

As we walked along the beach, we were all able to reminisce at how just a few years prior, we celebrated my birthday at the same beach.

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your son, Haley & Marcus. I can't wait to watch you take this next journey.

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