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Natalie & Daniel's Maternity Session | Fresno, CA

Updated: Feb 11

Normally, I meet new clients face-to-face for the first time on the day of the session. We make the introductions, mime shaking hands (bc COVID), and get comfortable pretty quickly.

This time I got to meet Natalie & Daniel *before* their session. Wild, right?

Their nephew, Jax, recently turned 1 year old and had a cake smash celebration at Wildwood Native Park. You can read all about the cake, his costume, and see the cute photos here.

Either way, Natalie & Daniel tagged along and we were even able to game plan some of their session, resulting in beautiful images they love. Like the ones below:

We chose Lost Lake, which is near the top of Fresno (keep driving past Woodward for a bit and you'll hit it). Before I became a photographer, I lived within 15 minutes of Lost Lake and never even knew it existed.

I think I visited Lost Lake over a dozen times in the last few weeks. The autumn leaves, peaceful stream, and clear roads make it a beautiful choice for an outdoor portrait session.

Natalie & Daniel brought along some props as well, which added some cuteness and allowed me to be a bit more creative as well.

Props in a maternity shoot don't look cheesy.

It's a beautiful time, and you have every right to pull all the stops to make your maternity session your dream session.

On that note, you have every right to ask your photographer to capture specific poses. See something you loved on Pinterest and you're getting to the end of your session and notice your photographer hasn't done it yet? Say something! I want you to love your final album, and I'll definitely take your perspective into consideration.

Like this photo below:

It was all Natalie! And it was one of my favorite images from their session.

Speaking of Natalie, Mom gets to be the star in every maternity session. She's growing that new life and deserves her time to shine.

Can't forget those in-between shots as well.

I typically begin and end my maternity sessions with some Mom & Dad time together.

It helps them work through the pre-session jitters together at the start, and they're usually much more comfortable and joyous towards the end of the session (because we *just* focused on Mom for like 10 minutes--giving Dad some time to appreciate her).

Can we appreciate for a moment that the last two images were taken seconds apart in the same pose, but both tell a different part of their story?

And lastly:

Natalie & Daniel were a joy to work with, and I can already feel how much love they have for their baby. I'll end with this quote from Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy:

"You do this because you're so in love with someone that the two of you can't contain it all. So you make another person out of that love. "

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