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The Lee's Family Session | Lost Lake, CA

Updated: Feb 11

The Lee's came dressed straight out of Pinterest for their family portrait session at Lost Lake! I always recommend families to work toward outfit coordination, rather than just matching the outfits to create beautiful layering. Adding in different colors and textures/fabrics, and sticking to 1-2 base colors with a few neutrals can make your images go from "These are good" to "WOW! We look amazing!"

Aren't sure? Check out what Malisa put together for her family!

Driving up, I was hyped for this session. The leaves had finally started to turn, and autumn breezes were flowing through my slightly-open windows. It was going to be a great session. Then, they stepped out of the car.

Mind you, their car was filled with family members so it did take a minute. As each person came out of the car and their outfits (and personalities) added more depth and color to the session, I could barely contain all the excitement I felt.

Example of my mood at the time:

Once we began the session, I got excited for yet another reason: the girls pictured above are some of the sweetest, more polite sisters I've met. My sister and I at that age definitely would've pulled some hair and shed some tears.

They even brought some stuffies (aka stuffed animals)! I was (and still somewhat am) a bit obsessed with stuffed animals. They definitely too up too much of my bed when I was little, and I had names for all of them. I've calmed down a bit since then, but stuffies will always have a place close to my heart.

The only child without a stuffie was this little boy, but he seemed to have some fun exploring how leaves feel so he's good for now.

Mom and Dad also kept him pretty entertained...or sleepy?

Speaking of, I like to make sure that Mom and Dad have some time to shine in front of the camera as well. After all, they did play a pretty important role in making this family.

Another must-have moment during a family session? Mom & dad (separately) with kids! We even got to include grandma as well.

Remember how I mentioned their style? Look at how it all came together!

I hope you felt some of the excitement reading this post as I did actually getting to photograph this session!

Additionally, all of my regular portrait sessions include a wardrobe consultation! If you're wondering how to achieve that effortless-stroll-in-the-park look, I got you.

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