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The Morales' Family Session | Fresno, CA

Updated: Feb 11

Do you remember this beautiful family?

Well, they grew! That is, mom had her beautiful baby.

I'm extra appreciative for this family, because they took a chance on me over six months ago, as these images were from my first maternity session and one of my first family sessions.

They must have liked them, because they came back for a family session! We chose Wildwood Native Park, for its rustic background, and beautiful light. Wildwood Native Park is just outside of Fresno and almost right across from Valley Children's Hospital along Highway 41.

Acacia's sense of style is also something to be admired. I'm currently on my way to convincing her to start a children's affordable fashion blog so don't be shocked if she pops up again soon.

Seriously, the burnt orange and deeper green work juxtaposed, especially tied together with the brown cowboy boots. Perfect for fall fashion (which is when these were actually taken).

I'd follow her blog.

I love the way white lays against my clients' skin. It makes the photo look so much brighter and clean. While photos can change based on the photographer's own editing style, what you wear greatly influences how the photos turn out.

If you don't feel confident/comfortable in your outfits, no amount of editing will change that. Just looking at the images will bring you back to the moment the photo was taken. If you found yourself feeling overwhelmed and unconfident, you'll remember those negative feelings.

Note: Another reason to hire a photographer that you *click* with--even if it's not me! If you're not vibing during your session, you're going to be much harsher on yourself & the photographer.

Also, look at those chubby cheeks!

Another thing to look at when choosing a photographer is your own expectations and the type of final album you'd like. In the above 3 photos, they're all group shots of the same family. Which did you enjoy looking at?

In the first image, baby brother is doing his own thing (as babies often do during sessions), while his older brother is laughing with his parents.

In the second image, baby brother and dad were having their own moment while older brother and mom were looking at a plane flying overhead. Planes are his favorite right now, so it was a special moment to capture at this point in his life.

The third images shows "grandma's favorite" as I like to call it; the photo with everyone smiling and looking at the camera.

My personal style is a combination of both. I make it a goal to get a couple of "grandma's favorite" photos, with a lot of interaction ones as well. I also send a questionnaire out to clients prior to their session to see what type of images they enjoy the best, While you'll still get that combination, you'll receive more posed or more interaction ones based off your preference.

Unsure what "interacting" photos look like?

Can't forget those close-ups either.

I already can't wait for the next time I get to work with this beautiful family.

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