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The Nolasco's Newborn Lifestyle Session | Fresno, CA

Wow, this session brought some big feelings.

If you missed it, I also shot Haley & Marcus' maternity session at a beach in San Simeon, California and wrote a blog post about it.

Their little boy came into this world mid-January, and has already been loved by so many people. It was an honor to come into their home to capture this special and beautiful time in their life.

All of those were taken before the session felt like it even began. Marcus was still getting ready, baby was snoozing, and Haley was changing him into a few outfits.

Like these:

Can't forget about those jammies.

We moved into the living next. I've had a few people mention they were nervous about doing a session in their home because they lived in an apartment, didn't feel like they had enough light, or weren't wanting to clean.

I mentioned it in my Newborn Lifestyle Guide, but you don't actually need to clean for your session. You just need to de-clutter 1-2 areas in your house.

Haley and Marcus used the top of their bed by the window for the above photos--they didn't even need to tidy up to do it. For the ones we took in the living room, they cleared a bit of clutter away and I moved a few items as needed. It created a clean environment that allowed me to focus on mom + baby.

We didn't need to use any external flash, either! Their apartment had a sliding glass door that led to a little porch area. We opened up the blinds and soaked in all of that natural lighting to create these.

I took some time to feature a few moments of Marcus and his son as well.

Haley came back in, and it flowed so beautifully.

We finished up back on the couch. These ones were Haley's idea, and they turned out so lovely.

It's been a few weeks since our session, and I've already seen just how much bigger he has gotten.

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